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make me choose between two things
↳coinlaundrys asked: teen wolf or ahs?

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"I grew up in Roseville, Michigan. People called me Crys or C. I loved speech class! I worked at Baskin-Robbins. (I wanted to be) an actor! I was the captain of my dance team and also really enjoyed art. I was really quiet and people misjudged me thinking that meant I was overly confident. But in reality, the opposite was true. I went to prom with my boyfriend, but after the dance he left me at a party all by myself. It was awful! He was a stoic popular jock. He ended up breaking my heart for the next best thing. It was terrible! (…) I would tell (my 17-year-old self) that the real you is far more beautiful than any mask you can put on. Be yourself!”

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i’m not a hero.

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I have a bit of an obsession with the 1950s and all those actors from Montgomery Clift to James Dean and Anthony Perkins. Just that whole era of Tennessee Williams to Elia Kazan. The whole idea of New York and the whole thing becomes kind of romantic in your head.

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: I’m just a girl.

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